Dec 18, 2022    Pastor Ty Austin

God shows His faithfulness to His people by fulfilling what He said He would do. In Isaiah 55:10-11, the scriptures state that as the rain and snow water the earth and make it bud and flourish, the Word of God accomplishes what it is sent to do. It may take generations, but God's faithfulness will be seen.

Isaiah 55:10-11

Luke 24:44-45

Isaiah 46:9-10

Examples of some of the prophecies fulfilled:

Genesis 12:3, fulfilled: Acts 3:25

Genesis 17:19, fulfilled: Romans 9:7

Genesis 28:14, fulfilled: Luke 3:34

2 Samuel 7:12-13, fulfilled: Matthew 1:1

Micah 5:2, fulfilled: Matthew 2:4-6

Isaiah 61:1, fulfilled: Luke 4:12-21

Isaiah 7:14 & Isaiah 9:6, fulfilled: Luke 1:30